January 24, 2019

Asylum Application Numbers Fell in Germany in 2018

The number of asylum-seekers in Germany decreased significantly in 2018 in comparison with the peak indices of migration crisis, Deutsche Welle informs. 

According to German government, 185,853 asylum applications were submitted in 2018, which is 16 percent less than in 2017. 

Of those applications, nearly 161,931 were submitted by applicants for the first time, while just under 24,000 were follow-up requests. The majority of asylum applications were submitted by nationals from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. 

For comparison, in 2016, after the inflow of migrants from the Middle East, around 722,000 applications were submitted. 

It is also informed that nearly 1.5 million persons arrived in Germany last year, which is significantly less than during the previous years. 67 percent of arrivals were made from the other European countries. 

It should be reminded that the authorities of Germany deported a record number of asylum seekers to the other EU member countries last year.