February 6, 2019

Canada is to Allocate Nearly $115 Mln to Shelter Asylum Seekers

The Government of Canada will allocate $114.7 million to provide temporary shelter for thousands of asylum seekers in the country. 

The relevant expenditures are stipulated by the Supplementary Estimates submitted to the Parliament by the President of the Treasury Board Jane Philpott. 

“The continued influx of asylum seekers entering Canada has increased pressure on provinces to provide shelter and social services. This funding will be used to compensate provinces and municipalities for temporary housing costs and to provide federal interim lodging facilities services to supplement the capacity of provincial and municipal partners,” the document states. 

It is noted that the Department of Citizenship and Immigration will deal with the distribution of these means. 

They added that this sum of $115 million will be allocated additionally to $50 million distributed among the provinces of Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba for the same purposes. 

It has been informed that last year, the border between Canada and the USA was crossed illegally by more than 15,000 asylum seekers. Due to the overload of the migration system, the majority of them will have to wait for the final decision on their status for at least one year. However, during this time, illegal migrants are provided with accommodation and financial support, as well as free medical services.