February 13, 2019

First Judgement for Bullying Passed in Ukraine

The first judgement for bullying after the relevant law was adopted in Ukraine was passed by Boryspil Town Regional Court (Kyiv oblast). According to the decision, the parents of a guilty person were obliged to pay a fine for bullying. It was informed by the deputy minister of justice Ivanna Smachylo, UNN reports with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Justice.

“According to the results of the trial, the fact of bullying with the use of electronic communications means was determined. The teenager was recognized guilty of bullying his peer, and his parent will have to pay the fine of 50 tax-free minimum incomes, which is ₴850,” Ms. Smachylo noted. 

She added that this is the evidence of the fact that counter-bullying law passed by Verkhovna Rada on December 18, 2018 is already in force. 

“This law came into force on January 19. Less than a month has passed and we already have its results,” the deputy minister of justice noted. 

The law stipulates the system of fines for bullying. Bullying of minors or infants will be punished with the fine of ₴850-1,700 or 20-40 hours of public works. Offences committed for the second time during the year after the first one or by the group of persons will be punished with the fine of ₴1,700-3,400 or with 40-60 hours of public works. 

In case the bullying is committed by minors aged 14-16 year, their parents or guardians will be punished. The punishment with the fine of ₴850-1,700 or 20-40 hours of public works will be applied in this case.