February 26, 2019

Hungary Stirs up Campaign against EU Leaders on Migration

Hungarian government has stirred up its campaign accusing the leaders of the European Union once again of promoting mass migration to the continent, AP writes. 

Last week, Hungarian government launched a new campaign accusing the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and philanthropist George Soros of the wish to fill Hungary with migrants. 

Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government has launched the campaign stating that the EU leaders act in accordance with the instructions of Soros. The posters depict the European Commission President. 

The spokesman for Hungarian government Zoltán Kovács declared on Tuesday, that citizens would receive a letter from the Prime Minister Viktor Orban with the explanations why Hungary considers the EU’s efforts as the ones promoting migration. 

EU leaders and European politicians, in particular German Chancellor Angela Merkel, have condemned Hungary’s campaign. 

The European Commission’s Hungarian office has released the detailed rebuttal of Orban’s claims denying, for example, that it wants to reduce financial assistance to the countries opposing migration, or to weaken the rights of the member states to border protection.