March 18, 2019

Human Rights Advocates Accused EU of Complicity in Violence to Migrants

Human rights advocates have declared about the complicity of European governments in systematic violence to asylum-seekers and their forced deportation to camps in Bosnia. It was indicated in the Amnesty International’s statement. 

“European governments are not just turning a blind eye to vicious assaults by the Croatian police, but also funding their activities. In so doing, they are fueling a growing humanitarian crisis on the edge of the European Union,” the statement says. 

Croatian authorities have denied similar accusations many times.

 “To understand where the priorities of European governments lie, one only needs to follow the money. Their financial contribution towards humanitarian assistance is dwarfed by the funds they provide for border security,” Massimo Moratti, Director of Research for Amnesty International, told. 

In response to the statement of human rights advocates, Croatia’s Minister of the Interior ‎Davor Božinović declared that the Ministry had received more than 200 complaints released by international human rights groups about supposedly illegal and violent actions towards migrants, but the investigation revealed no incidents of abuse.