February 15, 2011

The EU is concerned over racism manifestation in Turkey

The mandatory daily vow of Turkish students “I am happy because I am Turkish” is racist. This is stated in the report of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance - ECRI. The report states that there is no improvement of the situation of national minorities in Turkey, and the discrimination against religious minorities is frightening.

“Although the Initiative of the Turkish government concerning the Kurds, Gypsies, Alevis and non-Muslim religious minorities is encouraging, there are no articles that foresee punishment for racism and discrimination in the Turkish legislation. It is hard for children from these minorities to get education, as there are no textbooks or teachers. The representatives of minorities are punished even for the words in their native language. Everything they say is reviewed and condemned by the law on terrorism” - the report of ECRI says, as reports the Turkish newspaper Hyurriet.