August 26, 2011

The Special Conference on 18-20 September

In recent years, the world has witnessed a troubling rise in acts of anti-Semitism with a growing number of Jewish communities forced to live under an almost constant threat of violence and unrest.

We firmly believe that our greatest resources in the fight against anti-Semitism are our national governments and the influence and legislative power that exist within Parliaments and Congresses around the world.  It is this understanding that has brought about the development of a special conference in partnership with Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism (ICCA) and with support of Ukrainian Parliament to take place September 18-20, 2011 in Kiev, Ukraine. This event is being specifically arranged to mark the 70th Anniversary of the massacre at Babiy Yar, ravine where almost a hundred thousand Jews were shot to death.  This incomprehensible genocide, which occurred just outside Kiev, served as one of the most disturbing examples of human hatred and this anniversary demands that this tragic point in our history be memorialized in this fitting way.

The Conference will bring together lawmakers from around the world, with the specific goal of addressing the troubling scourge of Jew-hatred everywhere, especially in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

This Conference will therefore present us with a welcome opportunity to highlight a united front, to display a common commitment to fight anti-Semitism to the very best of our abilities, while also designing innovative and necessary strategies to achieve that very goal.

 The event will provide a meaningful and memorable program comprised of communication with the leadership of Verkhovna Rada and Ukrainian MP’s, highest government officials, meeting the local Jewish community, working sessions, etc.