February 16, 2011

The CSTO member states call to fight extremism together

“The CSTO member states should fight extremism with joint efforts”, Nikolai Bordyuzha, Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization said in Bishkek, on Tuesday.  

“Extremism is manifested almost in all CSTO countries, and we need to fight it, using common efforts. The coordination of efforts is needed in the CSTO states, we need to work as one”, said Mr. Bordyuzha. 

He stressed that the member states of the organization “should develop common approaches to ensure security in Central Asian region, success of all our undertakings depends on coherence and the level of cooperation between the partners.”

Mr. Bordyuzha as the head of the CSTO delegation arrived in Bishkek with the two-day visit, in order to discuss with the leaders of Kyrgyzstan issues concerning the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking and religious extremism, as well as the increase of the anti-crisis potential of the organization. 

According to Bordyuzha, the current visit is caused by the need to “evaluate the situation, to develop unified steps and to decide issues about further cooperation” due to the change in the constitutional system in Kyrgyzstan. After adopting a new Constitution in June, Kyrgyzstan became a parliamentary republic, where de facto the head of the state is the prime minister appointed by the ruling coalition of the Parliament.

“There is a unique system in Kyrgyzstan, which differs from other countries; there is no Security Council or its Secretary. We need to understand how we should work together”, said Mr. Bordyuzha. 

The Kyrgyz Prime Minister Almaz Atambayev during his meeting with Bordyuzha said that the republic’s authorities “attach great importance to the cooperation with the CSTO”.

“We fully support the goals and tasks of the organizations, as they are aimed at ensuring peace, stability and security. Kyrgyzstan is ready to actively participate in projects within the CSTO” - said the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan.  

From his part, Mr. Bordyuzha said that the CSTO is ready to assist Kyrgyzstan in addressing the consequences of inter-ethnic conflicts, which have occurred in the South of the republic last summer and have caused many casualties.

He appreciated the decision of the present authorities in Kyrgyzstan to recreate the Drug Control Agency that was liquidated by the ex-President Kurmanbek Bakiev several years ago, and noted that the CSTO is ready to assist the country in the fight against drug trafficking; including in the form of education and training of security forces of Kyrgyzstan in training centres of other CSTO member states.

“We need to restore the professionalism of law enforcement agencies of Kyrgyzstan, to use the possibilities of the CSTO in that direction as much as possible”, - he said.

The CSTO member states are Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.