November 7, 2011

The international conference as for participation of Romania in Holocaust

The Ukrainian Jewish Committee supported by IHRPEX initiates the carrying out of the international conference as for participation of Romania in Holocaust. 

In 2003, the international commission headed by the laureate of the Noble Prize, writer Elie Wiesel, made the following conclusions: more than 400 thousand Jews, the majority of which lived in the territory of Ukraine and Moldova, occupied by Romanian armies, became victims of Romanian confederates of Hitler from 1940 to 1944.  

Not much is known about the crimes of Romanian fascists both in Ukraine and in the world, though the scopes of their crimes are great. The purpose of the conference is to raise the level of information awareness of the world community about genocide, performed by Romania during the World War II and to hold the hundreds of Ukrainian Jews, who were killed by Romanian fascists, in remembrance. 

The conference will take place in Kyiv, in the Premier Palace hotel on November 9, 2011. 

The beginning is at 10.00 

For accreditation, please, contact us by tel.: (044) 284 19 08