February 20, 2012

Muslims of Ukraine: Mawlid is an opportunity to call to peace dialogue of religions

The 12th day of the third month by the lunar calendar, Muslims of many countries of the world are celebrating Mawlid al-Nabi, the day of birth of the Prophet Muhammad. Mawlid al-Nabi is attached to the date of death of the Prophet, since the exact date of his birth is unknown. 

Despite certain discrepancies, existing concerning the tradition of celebration of this day, the Ukrainian Muslims carried out the range of events during the Rabi’-ul-Auual month, devoted to the contribution of Islam into the world civilization and promotion of mutual respect and dialogue of the representatives of different religions and confessions.

Конференція "Україна та ісламський світ: історія та сучасність" (13 лютого 2012 року, конференц-зала Київської Соборної мечеті "Аль-Рахма"). Зліва направо: Представник Арабського дому Д-р Салах Закут, Муфтій України шейх Ахмед Тамім, Посол Марокко Абдельжаліль Саубрі, Ст.викладач НПУ ім. Драгоманова, канд. філос. наук Д.Брильов.


The conference “Ukraine and Islamic World: History and the Present” (February 13, 2012, conference hall of the Kyiv Ar-Rahma Mosque). Left-to-right: the representative of the Arab House Dr. Salah Zakut, Mufti of Ukraine, Sheikh Ahmad Tamim, Ambassador of Morocco Abdeljalil Saubry, senior professor of Dragomanov National Pedagogical University, Candidate of Philosophy D. Brylov. 

In particular, the solemn Mawlid was celebrated in the Ar-Rahma Mosque in Kyiv on February 3, the conference “Ukraine and Islamic World: History and the Present” took place on February 13, the conference of the Women’s Committee under the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Value of a woman in Islam”. 

The solemn events were visited by the representatives of Muslim religious community, ambassadors of foreign states, people’s deputies of Ukraine, journalists, public figures, scientists, believers. The solemn speech of the Mufti of Ukraine, Sheikh Ahmad Tamim, the speeches of reporters again proved the openness of Muslims to interreligious dialogue, urge towards construction of Ukrainian society on the basis of humanistic values, mutual recognition and respect of representatives of different cultures and confessions, social justice. 

It is also important, that in spite of stereotypes, unfortunately followed not only by certain part of our compatriots, but as well by separate politicians and mass media representatives, who form the public opinion, the participants of the conference condemned any displays of extremism and xenophobia, despite the fact that they appeal to Islam or, on the contrary, to the anti-Islamic prejudices. This again emphasize the problem of misrepresented image of Islam, which prevents full integration of Muslims into our society, without which the normal development of Ukraine as a state is impossible. As Muslims, whether it is wanted or not, is the integral component of modern Ukrainian people. On the other hand, the Muslim community and its leaders encountered the task to show those sides of Islamic culture and life, which are unknown to the average man. 

The mutual informational and cultural openness, overcoming of artificial barriers of communication – this is the way to transformation of multicultural, multiethnic, multi-religious Ukrainian society into society of tolerance, justice and mutual understanding. Let’s hope, that similar meetings will become good tradition, and the calls to peace co-operation and dialogue will be heard by all people of good will. As the Prophet Muhammad and other Prophets and spiritual teachers of humanity taught exactly this.