April 25, 2012

Kyiv Interconfessional Forum gathered famous religious leaders from all over the world


In particular, the representatives of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. They all discuss the role and the place of religion in modern world in the capital of Ukraine. In particular, how to prevent conflicts and depressive attitudes caused by economic crisis. The religious leaders also must develop the tolerant society and stop the interconfessional hostility and xenophobia. 

Oleksandr Feldman, the organizer of the Kyiv Interconfessional Forum: 

- I dream, as well as many people, of Ukraine to take its place in the struggle for tolerance, for interconfessional dialogue, to become the centre for people arriving from all over the world, exchanging opinions, and Ukraine makes the running in the world. 

Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem: 

- There is no doubt that we, the religious leaders, must play the impotent role in forming of the thoughts of our congregation in order not to allow the interconfessional hostility.