September 15 – International Day of Democracy

Democracy as a political system, based on free and equal participation of all legally capable citizens in government of a state, on the realization of political will of the majority with steady observance of the rights of minorities, on the rule of law and the observance of human rights, is one of the most important achievements of the civilization


July 19, 2017

August 9 – the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

This day is officially celebrated according to the decree of the IN General Assembly within the framework of the Second International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People (2005-2014). The goal of the Second Decade is in the “further strengthening international cooperation for the solution of problems faced by indigenous people in such areas as human rights, the environment, economic and social development” with the help of programmes and projects oriented to practical actions, increase of technical assistance and the relevant activity as for establishment of standards.