July 18 – Nelson Mandela International Day

The former South African President, who put an end to the disgraceful policy of apartheid, is one of the most famous fighters for peace, freedom and humanism, for human rights and dignity outside the context of ideology, politics or logic of geopolitical confrontation.


September 22, 2017

October 24 – the United Nations Day

The United Nations Day, also called UN Day, is the birthday of the United Nations.  

On October 24, 1945, after the majority of the founding member states ratified the agreement on establishment of the world body, the United Nations was officially established. In 1971, the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution, in which it recommended the member states to celebrate this day as the public holiday. Traditionally, this day is celebrated all over the world by carrying out of meetings, discussions and exhibitions devoted to the aims and achievements of the Organization. 

Usually, the international concert takes place in the hall of the General Assembly on the United Nations Day. Sometimes, special events are arranged, during which the UN contacts different cities of the world with the help of electronic means of communication.