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 Ukraine is the worst to pay compensations on ECHR decisions, - statistics


April 6, 2017

Ukraine is the worst to pay compensations on ECHR decisions, - statistics

European Court of Human Rights awarded 1.2 million euro of just compensation on the suites against Ukraine, Eupravda reports with reference to the report of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. 

In 2015, this sum was 966,000 euro. In 2013, Ukraine lost almost 33 million euro on ECHR suites; in 2014 – almost 7.7 million euro. 

In 2016, Ukraine adhered to the terms of payment in 20 cases and paid the compensation after the indicated term in 16 cases. 

As of December 31, 2015, 213 cases are still expecting confirmation of payments, while 166 of them are expecting payment for over 6 months after the indicated term. 

It is the highest index among all countries covered by the report. This means that almost every fifth decision of the ECHR, which wasn’t followed by the timely compensation, was Ukrainian. 

In 2015, Ukraine paid compensation in time on 23 cases (5 cases in 2014). 168 decisions expected the confirmation of the payment (135 of them expected it during more than 6 months after the indicated term.)