June 20 – World Refugee Day

Despite the considerable improvement of the humanitarian situation by many states, the problem of refugees remains one of the most burning both on religious and global scales.


April 18, 2017

More than 8,000 migrants rescued in Mediterranean during weekend

Nearly 8,300 migrants were rescued during the Easter weekend in the Mediterranean Sea, The Associated Press reports.

UN refugee agency spokeswoman, Carlotta Sami informed that the rescuers worked tirelessly from Friday to Sunday to save people. Nevertheless, 8 migrants died, including a pregnant woman. 

It is noted that the smugglers decided to “take advantage of calm seas to launch many boats.” 

The rescued migrants were brought to southern Italy. The majority of them hope to obtain asylum.

 More than 1,400 migrants were rescued by European border and coast guard agency Frontex, which stated that it took part in 13 rescue operations during the Easter weekend. 

“Private humanitarian organizations were involved in many of the rescue operations, while Italy’s coast guard coordinated the rescues.”