June 20 – World Refugee Day

Despite the considerable improvement of the humanitarian situation by many states, the problem of refugees remains one of the most burning both on religious and global scales.


April 18, 2017

EU: Death penalty in Turkey means country’s reluctance to be a member of European family

The return to death penalty in Turkey will mean that the country doesn’t want to be a member of European family. 

The EU spokesman Margaritis Schinas told this during the daily briefing in Brussels. 

“Not only is this a red line, this is the reddest of all red lines,” he said.

 According to Mr. Schinas, the EU insists on the necessity to respect democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the right of each person to fair trial in accordance with the European conventions. 

Schinas noted that the denial of death penalty is one of the fundamental benchmarks of the EU, the key of the principles and of what Europe symbolizes in the present-day world. 

“Moving from rhetoric to action on the issue of the death penalty would be a clear signal that Turkey does not want to be a member of the European family,” he emphasized. 

It has been informed earlier that after the constitutional referendum, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that the key task is the resumption of death penalty.