July 18 – Nelson Mandela International Day

The former South African President, who put an end to the disgraceful policy of apartheid, is one of the most famous fighters for peace, freedom and humanism, for human rights and dignity outside the context of ideology, politics or logic of geopolitical confrontation.


July 13, 2017

France is to create 12,500 additional places for migrants

By 2019, France is planning to create 7,500 shelters for asylum-seekers and 5,000 places for refugees, RFI reports. 

France’s Prime Minister Édouard Philippe presented the governmental plan concerning the provision of asylum and the control of migration flows. Within the plan, the Prime Minister promised to create 7,500 shelters for asylum-seekers and 5,000 places for refugees, the message states. 

It is noted that in addition to create new places for migrants, Mr. Philippe confirmed his intention to reduce the asylum application processing time from 14 to 6 months. 

French government is going to make a clear division between economic migrants and refugees, whose lives are in danger in their native countries. Those who are refused asylum will be “systematically” deported from the country, the Prime Minister promised. 

“We must make economic migrants understand that it won’t be possible to take in all economic migrants,” he said. 

Nevertheless, the Prime Minister emphasized that France will seek to accept talents, which can favour the country’s prosperity. 

According to Édouard Philippe, in September, the government will submit the bill aimed at struggle against illegal migration. 

The Prime Minister explained that in 2016, out if 91,000 detained illegal migrants only a third (31,000) was ordered to leave the territory of France and less than 25,000 of them have really departed. That’s not enough, Philippe emphasizes. 

Moreover, Édouard Philippe promised to allocate additional means for various administrative authorities dealing with acceptance and consideration of cases of migrants. In addition, the Prime Minister intends to reform the refugee integration policy. In particular, he offered to gradually double the French language lessons hours (200 hours now) for refugees.