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 Illegal migrant number increased in Ukraine this year


September 13, 2017

Illegal migrant number increased in Ukraine this year

 The number of illegal arrivals to Ukraine increased by 26 percent in comparison with 2016. It was informed by the spokesperson of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Oleh Slobodian in the air of Priamyi TV channel, UNN reports. 

“In comparison with 2016, the number of illegal migrants increased in Ukraine by 26 percent. More than 2,000 illegal migrants were detained by the officers of the border guard service and nearly 3,000 potential illegal migrants were prevented from entering the territory of Ukraine,” Oleh Slobodian noted. He also indicated that as a rule there are two ways of the state border crossing by illegal migrants. 

The first one is illegal, when with the help of agents, including the officials of law-enforcement authorities, migrants arrive from Russia mostly in Sumy sector. After that, they reach Zakarpattia, where they use the services of the third persons to enter Slovakia in majority of cases. The second way is legal, when migrants have fictitious certificates about educations, which are used to enter Ukraine. “Speaking about the leading countries supplying illegal migrants, it is the post-Soviet countries like Moldova, Russia and Georgia,” Slobodian added. 

UNN has informed earlier that the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine informed that it was going to make everything possible to be technically ready in order to work according to the new entry rules for foreigners at the border in three months.