October 9, 2017

Trump’s administration offers stricter migration policy

The Administration of the US President has released on Sunday the list of requirements concerning the immigration policy of the country, The Washington Post reports. 

The list includes the funding of a wall along the border with Mexico, the restriction of the influx of minor migrants from Central America, the speed up of the procedure of deportation of persons with expired visas from the USA, and the restriction of Green Cards for married couples and minors. 

The requirements were immediately condemned by the leaders of democrats in the Congress, who hoped to have a deal with President Trump aimed at the protection of young immigrants who were illegally brought to the USA in childhood. 

In September, Trump declared about his plans to solve the issue concerning the status of persons being under the DACA program that protected illegal migrants, who arrived in the country in childhood, from deportation. 

DACA program protects from deportation and gives the right to employment for nearly 800,000 young immigrants.