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October 9, 2017

Poland’s Minister of Interior: “Misguided” relocation plan will cause more migrants in EU

The Minister of Interior of Poland Mariusz Błaszczak said that the EU’s relocation plan is a mistake, because it will only lead to the appearance of even bigger number of migrants in Europe. 

He told this on Polish state television after the meeting with the ministers of interior from four Central European countries in Budapest, Polskie Radio reports. 

According to Błaszczak, his counterparts from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary have presented a united front concerning the migration issues during the negotiations in the capital of Hungary. 

He noted that Polish government would not accept the obligatory relocation rules, which “some EU countries are trying to impose.” 

“We will try to show that this is about security, and security policy is a national policy, not a Community policy,” Błaszczak said. 

He added that Polish government was going to prove that the planned relocation mechanism will only increase the number of migrants arriving in Europe. 

It is informed that the meeting of four ministers in Budapest was focused on the migration crisis and the ways of protection of the EU’s external borders. 

It should be reminded that Poland’s PM Beata Szydło declared that Poland would not allow the EU major states to “blackmail” it in the issues of the acceptance of thousands of refugees within the relocation plan. 

It is known that the main court of the European Union has dismissed complaints submitted by Slovakia and Hungary concerning the migration policy of the EU, defending the right of Brussels to make member states accept asylum seekers.