September 15 – International Day of Democracy

Democracy as a political system, based on free and equal participation of all legally capable citizens in government of a state, on the realization of political will of the majority with steady observance of the rights of minorities, on the rule of law and the observance of human rights, is one of the most important achievements of the civilization

Oleksandr Feldman will present design of Museum of Religions in Rome


October 17, 2017

Oleksandr Feldman will present design of Museum of Religions in Rome

 Ukrainian MP, the founder of Kyiv Interfaith Forum Oleksandr Feldman will take part in the assembly of the international organization Religions for Peace, which is to be held in Rome (Italy) on October 18-19.

“The challenges faced by the present-day world require immediate solution. Intolerance, violence, environmental threats, refugees, humanitarian crises are the top-priority problems of the agenda. These and other important issues of the modern world will be discussed together with the leaders and guests of Religions for Peace forum,” Oleksandr Feldman told.

According to him, interreligious dialogue is an instrument to make this world better and kinder.

The founder of Kyiv Interfaith Forum Oleksandr Feldman is a single representative of Ukraine in Religions for Peace.

The representatives of Vatican, the leaders of Religions for Peace, the influential representatives of different world religions and patrons will take part in the assembly.

Oleksandr Feldman is going to present the design of Museum of Religions, which is planned for construction in Kharkiv.

It should be reminded that Museum of Religions is a humanitarian project of the International Charitable Foundation “Oleksandr Feldman Foundatin,” which will be constructed in the territory of Feldman Ecopark. According to the project’s initiator Oleksandr Feldman, it will be not just a museum, but also a discussion club, a platform for interfaith dialogue and for the search of solutions for urgent issues of social development.