July 18 – Nelson Mandela International Day

The former South African President, who put an end to the disgraceful policy of apartheid, is one of the most famous fighters for peace, freedom and humanism, for human rights and dignity outside the context of ideology, politics or logic of geopolitical confrontation.


November 6, 2017

220 journalists killed in OSCE region during 20 years

Nearly 220 journalists were killed in the OSCE region (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) during 20 years. It was indicated in the statement by Harlem Désir, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, released on Thursday, UNN reports. 

“I want to recall that attacks against journalists take place every day throughout the OSCE region and ninety percent of the perpetrators and masterminds behind these attacks are never brought to justice. Approximately 220 journalists have been killed in the OSCE region since 1997. In 2017 alone at least four journalists have been killed,” Mr. Désir said. 

He mentioned, in particular, Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was killed in Malta just two weeks ago, and Pavel Sheremet, killed last year in Ukraine.