September 15 – International Day of Democracy

Democracy as a political system, based on free and equal participation of all legally capable citizens in government of a state, on the realization of political will of the majority with steady observance of the rights of minorities, on the rule of law and the observance of human rights, is one of the most important achievements of the civilization

 Trump demands Congress to cancel Green Cards


November 6, 2017

Trump demands Congress to cancel Green Cards

The US President Donald Trump declared about his intention to initiate the cancellation of the Diversity Visa Lottery. He told this speaking in the White House, CNN reports. 

“I am, today, starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program,” he said. 

“I am going to ask Congress to immediately initiate work to get rid of this program, diversity lottery, diversity lottery. Sounds nice, it is not nice, it is not good. It hasn't been good and we have been against it,” he said. 

According to his words, the USA must get rid of chain migration. 

Trump has already urged to cancel Green Cards earlier. He made the statement after the New York attack, which had been committed by a man, who arrived in the USA within the diversity lottery program. 

It is possible to obtain residence permit in the USA with the help of the Internet lottery carried out by the US Government every year. One of the goals of the lottery is the promotion of the immigration to the USA among people, who live in the countries, the nationals of which are represented in the USA the least. Donald Trump has declared about the intentions to restrict immigration to the USA many times.