Ukraine is 9th country worldwide by IDPs number


November 29, 2017

Ukraine is 9th country worldwide by IDPs number

Neal Walker, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine, stated during the conference that Ukraine is the 9th country worldwide by the number of IDPs, UNN reports.

 It is informed that more than 1.6 million IDPs have been registered in Ukraine as of today. 

According to Mr. Walker, 800,000 IDPs are constantly living on the territory, which is under control of the government, exclusive of those who constantly cross the contact line. Nearly a million Ukrainians cross the line of contact every month. This indicates that Ukrainians on the both sides of the delimitation line feel that it is one country. 

The figures are impressive. During 4 years, more than 200,000 persons, including 47,000 children on the east of Ukraine experience 47 incidents of shelling every day. These children know what the war is, and what everyday shelling means. And this experience will be with them during the whole life. These people need assistance, and this assistance is just critically important for them.