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 More than 171,000 migrants arrived in Europe by sea in 2017


January 5, 2018

More than 171,000 migrants arrived in Europe by sea in 2017

Less than 200,000 migrants and refugees arrived in Europe by the Mediterranean Sea in 2017, the report of the International Organization for Migration published on January 5 indicate. 

Thus, during 2017, 171,635 arrived in Europe by sea. The number is significantly lower than in 2016, when 363,504 migrants and refugees used the Mediterranean route. 

The most part of migrants and refugees arrived in Italy – almost 70 percent of the total number, or 119,000 persons. 

The others reached Greece (more than 29,000), Spain (more than 20,000) and Cyprus (more than 1,000). 

It is noted that 3,116 migrants and refugees died trying to reach Europe. In 2016, the number of documented deaths was 5,143. 

It is known that 2015 was the peak year for Europe concerning migration, when more than a million migrants and refugees reached Europe by sea.