February 7, 2018

Hungary threatens to leave UN migration talks

Hungary may leave the UN migration talks due to the fear that the ‘pro-migration’ position of the international organization contradicts the interests of the country’s security, informs with reference to Hungary’s foreign minister Péter Szijjártó. 

“The U.N. wants to create a pact that encourages migration, we are of the opposite view, and if the first draft in February takes this line … the question is why we would have to take part in this debate?” Szijjártó said. 

The official talks on the UN New York Declaration (the political declaration signed in 2016, according which 193 members of the UN General Assembly agrees to spend two years negotiating a pact on safe and regular migration) must launch this month with the purpose of adopting the final package by the end of 2018. 

“If there is no shift in a positive direction toward Hungary’s standpoint in the first draft of the U.N.’s migration package, Hungary’s exit process from the series of negotiations will be launched,” the minister said. 

“In Hungary’s opinion … migration is not a positive process and is not unstoppable, but instead represents a major security risk and can be stopped,” he added. 

It should be reminded that the European Commission submitted to the EU Court the complaints against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland for the failure of these countries to fulfill their legal liabilities connected with the relocation of migrants.