February 20 – World Day of Social Justice

Many modern displays of xenophobia, racism and intolerance are based on social and economic reasons evoking people to find persons responsible for problems among those who are different by their colour of skin, language, religion or culture.


February 8, 2018

Trump ordered to establish National Vetting Center

The US President Donald Trump signed an official order about the establishment of the National Vetting Center in order to carry out an intensified verification of immigrants entering the USA. 

The relevant statement was released by the White House on Tuesday, Ukrinform’s correspondent reports. 

“Today, President Donald J. Trump signed a National Security Presidential Memorandum to establish a National Vetting Center (NVC) to coordinate the efforts of departments and agencies to better identify individuals seeking to enter the country who present a threat to national security, border security, homeland security, or public safety,” the statement says. 

The Center will be led by the Department of Homeland Security. It is expected that the level of coordination between the agency and the other governmental structures will improve, including for the purpose of obtaining the intelligence and other information about certain persons in the vetting process. 

The White House emphasized that in its activity the Center would adhere to the “strong protections for individuals’ privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties.” 

“The Administration’s top priority is the safety and security of the public,” the White House noted.