February 15, 2018

Austria and Germany plan to extend border control

  Austria’s Minister of the Interior Herbert Kickl and the Minister of the Interior of the state of Bavaria Joachim Herrmann are planning to extend the border control, which was introduced during the migrant crisis in 2015, Kurier reports. 

Mr. Kickl said that the EU’s external borders are still not protected properly, therefore, it is necessary to continue the internal control within the bloc. According to him, it is irresponsible to cancel it in May. 

The validity of the latest decision about the prolongation of the border control in the EU ends in May. The European Commission must decide whether to extend it. 

It is known that Germany, Denmark, Austria, Sweden and Norway have restored the border control in 2015, in order to cope with the huge inflow of migrants. The term of these border checks was extended last autumn till May. 

The European Commission declared that it is not going to prolong the border control. 

However, later, the EC offered the range of measures aimed at the Schengen strengthening, including the prolongation of the border control for 3 years.