February 19, 2018

Climate change will cause more conflicts – UN

The consequences of global climate change on the planet, as well as the other environmental problems become the catalysts of conflict situations more and more. 

It was stated by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) Regional Coordinator Mahir Aliyev, the UN News Centre informs. 

Environmental component may be seen in the huge number of present-day conflicts in one way or another, the expert emphasized during the interview devoted to the issues of security, which were considered during the Munich conference.

 According to Mr. Aliyev, due to the climate changes, the population of certain territories of the planet will not be able to live on these lands and will have to look for more acceptable conditions. 

Such issues as “climate migration” will arise inevitably causing the conflicts of the newly arrived residents and the locals. Hence, the range of consequences, which influence the security issues directly: the issue of water resources, the issue exhaustion and diversity of agricultural possibilities, the expert explained. 

In order to oppose this tendency, UNEP has signed the cooperation agreement with the Munich Security Conference. The UN notes that this will make it possible to at least consider the security issues taking the environmental component into account.