February 28, 2018

Two Ukrainians are jailed in Britain for migrant smuggling

Portsmouth Crown Court sentenced two Ukrainians to imprisonment for migrant smuggling, Express informs. 

Ex-dancer and choreographer Vladyslav Kurtoglu was sentenced to six years of imprisonment for assisting unlawful immigration. 

His accessory Dmytro Kruik was found guilty of the same accusation, and was jailed for three years and nine months. 

The men were arrested after their boat Tazik was intercepted by a Border Force vessel near the eastern coast of England. They said that they arrived from Normandy and it was “just a trip.” 

However, as the result of search, the officers found six Ukrainians without visas on board. Kurtoglu and Kruik insisted that they were planning to return to France, however, the bad weather made them seek harbor in Britain. However, it turned out that the weather was perfect on the English Channel. 

The judge called the migrant transportation operation carefully planned. 

The BBC reports that in July, the younger brother of Vladyslav Kurtoglu – Gennadii – was accused of the same crime. He was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment. Unlike his brother, Vladyslav Kurtoglu did not plead guilty.