November 16 – The International Day for Tolerance

The main quality that should be developed by the current and future populations in order to ensure the realization of these conditions is the tolerance to otherness, to other traditions, beliefs and ideas expanding our cultural horizon.


March 6, 2018

Poland considers teaching refugee children separately

Poland is planning to arrange education for refugee children at refugee centres rather than in public schools. 

The relevant measures were proposed by Poland’s interior ministry, Reuters informs. 

The agency considers that the local governments should decide whether to maintain the status quo or to send teachers to the refugee centres in order to give lessons for the children. 

There are 1,450 persons including 890 children living in Polish refugee centres, the spokesperson for the Office for Foreigners informed. The majority of asylum-seekers are from Chechnya. 

“Some foreign children do not learn despite attending school because they have educational gaps compared to their Polish peer,” the Ministry’s proposal states. “These factors may have a negative and demotivating effect not only on foreign children, who are reluctant to go to school, but also on Polish children.” 

Polish mass media have already called the Ministry’s idea as an attempt to create an “educational ghetto for refugees.”

 “Separation of both groups can make integration difficult,” the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights told. 

The Interior Ministry deny accusations and insist that their aim “is not to exclude the children of foreigners ... but only to provide support during the preparatory phase of education before children enter school.”