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April 26, 2018

Turkey claims about new refugee wave after 30,000 Afghans arrive

During the recent three months, nearly 30,000 Afghans arrived in Turkey, and Turkish authorities claim about the new refugee wave, Euractiv informs. 

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu declared that 29,899 Afghans arrived in Turkey since January in comparison with 45,259 people during the whole of 2017. 

“In recent months, we are facing a new refugee wave, especially from Afghanistan,” Mr. Soylu said adding that 1,348 people smugglers had been detained by April. 

Migrants from Afghanistan and other countries, who suffered from conflicts and poverty, often use Turkey as a transit country trying to reach Europe. 

Amnesty International declared that since the beginning of April, Turkish authorities deported 7,100 to Afghanistan and called this decision a “ruthless deportation drive.” 

According to human rights group, there are 145,000 Afghans in Turkey. 

According to Mr. Soylu, the total of 75,284 migrants arrived in Turkey in 2018, while the total number was 172,745 last year.